Coletrickle x Ketums Playlist

Clark's one of my favorite people I've gotten the chance to meet through Ketums. Clark interviewed me a couple years ago for his site and we've been meeting up whenever he's out visiting SF. When I did the interview for Cole Trickle, I was so happy to be on the same page as the other people he interviewed. I really look up to them and the companies they created and the style they put out there. 

But the thing is, Clark's one of those people too. He's magnetic, he's got great ideas, and he's a DJ with impeccable taste. So instead of doing an interview with him right now, I'll let him speak through the music he curates. He created a Ketums playlist and he's gonna add to it every few weeks so that we get to follow along with what's on his mind.  You can follow it by searching "Ketums" in Spotify and it's the top result or clicking here. He just moved to London, so I know he'll be channeling rainy day vibes into the music for a little while. 

And when you need some inspiration, follow him on instagram @coletrickle_



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