Ketums Suze Cocktail

I met Josh a couple years ago at a house party and we realized we were both transplants from Philadelphia, where I went to school and he grew up.  When he’s not moonlighting as a Ketums model (he’s the guy on our packaging), he’s the hardest working bartender we know. He holds court at two of our favorite spots in San Francisco and Oakland (Trick Dog and Starline Social Club).  We met up with him at Starline and he mixed us a cocktail with an old school Parisian influence. We drank a lot of them. And they were good.
1/2 oz Suze
3/4 oz Calvados 
Topped with French sparkling wine
& Bitters
Rosemary and Grapefruit twist
                           Picasso, 1912
Haven't heard of Suze? Me neither. Josh told us it’s made from gentian root (like Aperol) and it’s an old drink from the French alps. It’s bitter and herbacious and meshes well with the sweet apple brandy that comes from Normandy. Give it a shot if it’s at your local bar. It’s pretty unique and refreshing. Picasso seemed to like it too. Cheers.

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