Our mission is to create lasting cover that is comfortable, versatile, and durable. 

Create Beautiful Pieces that Wear Well with Age: Our primary goal is to create pieces that you will love, wear, and ideally pass down. This requires deliberate design, including fit and functionality, and a focus on crafting timeless pieces that will outlive trends.

Produce in Small Batches: We are uncompromising in our search for the highest quality fabrics and materials. We found that the best waxed cotton in the world comes from a small company in Scotland that has been in business since 1864. We work with them to produce our custom colors and finishes.  

Invest in Local Manufacturing: We exclusively produce our jackets in San Francisco. We work with local pattern makers, cutters, and sewers within a one block radius. We like being able to monitor the quality of our pieces in person and make quick adjustments with partners we know and trust. Having production close by gives us peace of mind knowing the people behind our pieces are treated with fair wages and working conditions. Sewing is hard work and there is no excuse for a bad work environment.


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