Origins & Process



Ketums was started by my family in Paris around 1925. 

My great-grandfather, Joseph Smutek, set up a raincoat business on 66 rue de Bondy.  He handmade bespoke rainwear and groomed his oldest sons, Saul and Rudy, to work by his side. They took pride in crafting tailored goods that kept the elements at bay. 

In 1940, as my grandfather and his brother took over operations, the Nazis invaded Paris.  My family left Europe, their shop was destroyed, and Ketums was all but forgotten.  

After a seventy five year hiatus, I'm picking up where my family left off and rebuilding the Ketums legacy here in San Francisco.  The first project is an all-weather heritage coat, sewn by hand in Oakland.  We start with the finest waxed cotton from Scotland and pair it with a combed flannel lining and soft corduroy from Japan.  We produce in small batches to ensure the highest quality and attention to detail.  The result is a timeless, tailored coat that feels at home by the cold ocean and underneath the city lights.

It's the next chapter of the Ketums story and I'm proud to share it with you.

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Process & Ethos

Ketums has had a singular vision since its founding in 1925: create deliberately crafted, durable clothing that you will love and wear. As we explore a new chapter and evolve beyond outerwear, we’ll continue being a responsible company that designs beautiful, handmade pieces that wear well with age.

To us, a responsible company owns its processes and externalities and continuously makes adjustments as necessary to lessen its environmental impact and increase its community engagement.

We hope to create a positive legacy through our designs and business practices. To learn more about the six principles that guide our decision making here at Ketums, please click through and read.

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